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Hi there great fans. Thank God Is Monday! It’s great to be alive. I bring you today’s edition of wisdom from the Scriptures (#wfts). Last week, I highlighted the story of the man born blind in (John. 9). Today, I continue with my discourse on “When God Permits You To Be Written Off He Has A Plan To Write Your Story” (1 Sam. 1-19).

Unavoidable Loss

David and his men returned from a journey only to discover that there abode (Ziklag) was set on fire and their families taken away as captives. It is like you returning from a not too successful business deal, and you headed home in search of succour but on getting home your family had been abducted and the abductor had set your lovely and beautiful home on fire (1Sam. 30:1-5).

What Is Your Response To Loss?

As expected, all of them were greatly distressed by this unexpected loss. David and his men broke down and wept until they lost the strength to weep. While the rest of the men were mourning their loses up to the point of stoning David their leader, David stopped bemoaning his loses and started doing what is expected of a true leader in time of crisis. Instead of passing the bulk, he allowed the bulk to stop on his table and took responsibility. He went back to the source of his anointing to ask for the way forward (1Sam. 30:6). What is your response to loss? Do you keep blaming everyone except yourself?

There Is Recovery

David knew that what happened was the handiwork of the enemy, yet instead of rising up to go and fight like many of will do. He first inquired from God if there is any possibility of recovery, and the God of heaven answered that he (David) should go after them and would recover all without fail (1 Sam. 30:8-9). That was the only time David decided to pursue the enemies.

Points To Ponder

Ladies and gentlemen, we learn from the above story the following:

  • Was God sleeping  when the enemies  came to plunder Ziklag? Remember HE neither slumber nor sleep (Ps. 121:4).
  • So if God is not sleeping, then He must have allowed it for a purpose and the purpose was to prove Himself as the God of Total Recovery.
  • Irrespective of all your protection plans, you can still experience a loss or losses, especially if God wants to make a statement with your life.
  • A certain degree of distress is permitted in the season of loss, however, like David you must brace up and ask the way forward (1 Sam. 30:6)
  • Relationship is the first path to recovery. David had a relationship with the Almighty God and he explored it.

Dear readers, I don’t know what loss or losses your are presently mourning, but I do know that there is God of Recovery. All you need is to enter into a relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ and your life will never remain the same.

Have a blessed week and catch you midweek

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