Surface Phone Rumors: It Could Run Desktop Apps Like a Computer

Reuters/Dado RuvicMicrosoft is rumored to be launching its Surface Phone this fall.

A report says the long-rumored Surface phone could run applications that normally just work on full-fledged computers.

With recent Android and iPhone releases seeming to be intent on slimming down units and making them bezel-less, reports indicate that Microsoft is trying to change the game in a way that no other brand has — through its rumored Surface phone.

According to Inquisitr, Microsoft plans to accomplish this by creating a hybrid handset that is as capable as a desktop or laptop computer. This means the Surface phone would be able to run desktop-grade applications and act like an always-on extension of the Windows 10 operating system.

If true, this could be the reason for the phone’s groundbreaking design. It has earlier been revealed that Microsoft is applying for a patent for a live hinge as a portion of a “multi-part device.”

The live hinge should allow the device to be folded back when only one part is needed, folded together when not in use, or seamlessly connect the two screens for when both are needed. The last one could be very useful when using the phone as a laptop extension.

In the patent, Microsoft detailed that this design should help the mobile phone reach its full capacity. “Mobile phone displays have increased in size to the point where they can now consume an almost an entire front surface of a phone. In some cases, further increases in display size would detract from other capabilities of the devices, such as its pocket-size form factor,” the patent reads. More: