Lenovo Issues Massive Recall After ‘Loose’ Screw Creates Fire Hazard

Reuters/Bobby YipThe company has sold around 80,000 defective ThinkPad Carbon X1 laptops.

The Chinese tech giant Lenovo has issued a massive recall after its ThinkPad Carbon X1 laptop has received numerous reports of a “loose screw” that could potentially damage both software and hardware, creating a risky avenue for accidents.

The loose screw in the laptop is considered a “serious” manufacturing blunder. Luckily for Lenovo, not all ThinkPad Carbon X1 models are affected. According to the company’s findings, only models manufactured from Dec. 1, 2016 to Nov. 1 last year were affected. These models contain the code 20HQ, 20HR, 20K4, and 20K3.

Despite this one year span of manufacturing, Lenovo is still faced with a tall order of minimizing accidents that could lead to a massive amount of lawsuits, all because the company was able to sell 80,000 units to date.

The screw apparently is fastened (albeit loosely) near the battery of the computer. According to Lenovo, the battery can be externally damaged due to the friction of the loose screw. Likewise, this can affect the system and overall function of the laptop.

“Lenovo’s investigation and analysis determined that an unfastened, small screw, left in the unit during manufacture, could damage the surface of the lithium-ion polymer battery and cause a short, leading to rapid cell discharge of the battery,” stated Lenovo.

The company has issued an announcement that all owners with the aforementioned model names must “immediately stop” usage of the laptops. Lenovo has given out its customer assist number on the recall page of its website to prevent any potential accidents. More: