Chaplain Helping Inmates for 19 Years Ousted After Imam Accuses Him of ‘Extreme’ Christian Beliefs

(Screenshot: The Sunday Times)Chaplain Paul Song talking with The Sunday Times in a story published February 4, 2018, about being forced out of his position at Brixton prison in London

A prison chaplain in the U.K. who has been helping prisoners for 19 years said he was forced out of his position last year after an Islamic imam accused him of preaching “extreme” Christian beliefs.

The Sunday Times reported that 48-year-old Paul Song, the Christian chaplain, was ousted from his role at Brixton prison in south London following a dispute with Imam Mohammed Yusuf Ahmed, the managing chaplain.

Ahmed, who replaced a Christian as managing chaplain in 2015, apparently claimed that the evangelical Alpha course that Song teaches was “too radical” and that his Christian beliefs were too “extreme,” though the article did not clarify which views in particular.

Song, who was a former police officer in South Korea, revealed that he was forced out of his role in August 2017, and was later told that he faced “allegations of misconduct” over an inmate who accused the chaplain of referring to him as a “terrorist,” though Song denies the claim.

“I worked alongside the prisoners and other staff members in harmony, recognizing our differences and praying that they would come to faith, but equally respecting their decisions and background.”

The Christian Legal Center noted that Song has been helping rehabilitate inmates for nearly two decades.

“To call this Christian who has served without a blemish for almost 20 years an extremist defies belief,” said CLC Chief Executive Andrea Williams.

Williams further told Premier: “We’ve met at Christian Concern many ex-prisoners who’ve been absolutely delighted — and had their lives transformed — as a result of the work, ministry and witness of Pastor Song. This complaint was never substantiated. More: